Seasons. It was an awesome ride !
A brillant moment that projected an obscure underground psychedelic garage band worldwide, to success in the main stream American music culture, and a place in history, . And as well, the Electric Mass, or Electric Liturgy was a complete success.

The 60's spirit of peace, love, brotherhood, and religious freedom was married to Rock and Roll in the church and kept on truckin to national prominence with the Electric Liturgy, thanks to Reverend Paine, and many others. From the beginning, the Mass had been conceived to uplift the spirit. It was not for profit, not for sale.

Unto the end, the Mass had remained uncompromised and uncommercialized. It had always been performed for free. Uncounted thousands had participated in it as a real Mass completely removed from commerciallity. Amazingly there had never been any plans to record the Electric Liturgy, neither an audio nor a film. It was an afterthought in a spontaneous moment to record and preserve it rather than let it fade into the oblivion.

So many things had changed for the band. A price was paid. Was it time to say goodbye? Leave them wanting more? We had our season and it was good. Everyone knows all good things must end. Why we stopped playing as the 60s came to an end is hard to define. We never officially broke up. We didn't say why. We simply stopped playing, and stepped back, into the mist of time.



The darkness of September may enclose you
bring you down
like the shadowed weight of the leaves
ah, no darlings:
we will light your sense and spirit
lift you up,
safe, into the morning