Seeing your website and all the wonderful photos has made everything come together once more. I met Gordon Shepherd in Morgantown on October 11, 1968. We spent the whole day together and that night we went to hear the Mind Garage The place was so packed that we huddled next to Teddy's drum set on the stage. At one point, one of Ted's cymbals crashed down on my head (I think it helped more than hurt) and for the rest of the evening Gordon held the cymbal stand steady so it wouldn't happen again. That night we made love....the Mind Garage brings that out in people.
Victoria Hodel Shepherd

Note: Thank you Vicki for this personal story surrounding the poster. Gordon pointed out the Haunted House was the American Legion in the alley behind Morgantown. Jr. High at Spruce and Walnut. Vicki and Gordon were married by Snork shortly after and performed many of the folk masses that Snork arranged for in the 70s. Gordon, aka Jesse G. Shepherd became a "roadie" for the Mind Garage during the fall of 1969. After having several children together, they spilt up in 1987. Jesse G Shepard went on to become a writer of ballads and now performs with Carol Ross. Vicki and Carol remain life long best of friends. I might ad, that was a Zildjian cymbal that crashed on Vicki's head. It was destroyed in a fire at Teds house in Wheeling a few years later where he lost all of his drums. Since then Ted ( Teddy Bear ) Smith has achieved notoriety and is sponsored by the Zildjian Cymbal Company and credited by them as being one of the world's best drummers.

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