The Olympia ! owned by GUS the Greek.
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Gus was great ! he helped us everyway he could.
He also owned a little diner. If you have
ever seen John Belushi on Saturday Night Live
doing his "hamboigy, hamboigy, hamboigy" routine
then you think he must have been to Gus' diner. :-)
The Olympia was THE club in town and the largest.
If you were accepted there you had MADE IT :-)
and we were, by the Frats and the Freaks.
Once we started playing we became regulars on the
bill. Ken Weiss remembers, "I grew up in Morgantown
and went away after high school in '64. I got back
to MoTown after college and the Army in '69 but can
still remember going to the Olympia on visits home
to catch the band. No one dancing, just sittin'
cross legged on the floor. Great memories.

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