From the Mike Shuman Poster Collection

Poster by Mike Hermosilla

We didnt tour with Paul Revere and the Raiders, nor were we signed with a Pittsburgh firm to make records unless it was our own corporation we were signed to as employees to do things including make records :-) but close enough. The Detroit recording firm was actually Marshall Chess of Chess Records. Our new manager Cossie brought him to the Last Resort club in Morgantown. Chess didnt know what the hell to think ha ha and I don't think Cossie had us pegged yet either. They couldn't put a label on our music. Chess came expecting Blues. Surprise! We didnt pursue it but it turned out for the best...I hope :-) Everything else is true though, and it really is a good summary of the band at the time. We owe a lot to people like Mike Shuman and Mike Hermosilla who did such a great job publicizing the band. Couldn't have done it without them.

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