Left to right Norris, Ken Roberts, John, Rev. Paine

We composed in Rev Paine's barn for 2 months. A
beautiful summer with with Mike, Tori, Barth & Ward.
The small town of Romney, WV was close by.
Cumberland, Maryland was a little further.
Driving to Romney from Morgantown was a
happy trip. Rev Paine's car had an 8-Track
player. It was the first I had ever seen.
We cranked up Cream and Hendrix and
tried to figure out how the thing worked.
The whole summer was surreal. It was here at
Romney that we held the 1st annual Romney Music
Festival at a local junior school. It was the first and last :-)
But...when the kids from the junior high grew up they turned the old Coca-Cola bottling plant in Romney into a performance venue that now hosts notable performers Below, Larry is walking through the barn door.

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