Father Charles Roberts aka SNORK
When I met Father Roberts he looked to be in his 20s or early 30s at most. Later it came up in conversation that he was in his 50s. He said everyone called him Snork because of his nose :-) That wasn't especially big, but he did have a BIG BIG heart. Snork impressed me as one of the most likeable, happiest men God ever put on this planet. No one else would have been able to replace Reverend Paine except Snork. He truly touched the lives and hearts of so many that thousands paid tribute to him when he passed away. No one he came in contact with will ever forget him.

Luke Roberts:
My dad was Snork Roberts and your band was part of my life when I was little. He died suddenly in 1987. I remember the electric mass at Trinity that was so much fun, where everyone danced and the floor cracked and little kids like me ran around playing hide and seek in the church. I was only about 10 at the time.

Betty Roberts:
Luke Roberts, Snork's and my son, just e-mailed me yesterday about your Mind Garage website. It is really interesting. Thanks for putting it up! Luke asked me to recall (at age 76) what I remember about the Morgantown phase of the Mind Garage. I only have impressions of what nice "kids" you were then and remembered the problems Snork incurred when he courageously insisted on following up on Micheal Paine's interest and support of you guys. I don't know what happened to the record of the mass but maybe our daughter, Sally has it. We played it alot in those heady days of the 60s ...great musicians you were! I have impressions of going to picnics/outdoor parties at Ken Robert's home and you all were there; of you gathered in our living room on Callen Avenue...

Jim Davis:
Jim was very close to Snork. He says that when Snork died of a massive heart attack there was a huge funeral for him - so many people that there were loud speakers outside the church so all the people who were in the parking lot and on the streets could hear the service. They marched Snork's coffin up High Street to Trinity Church because they couldn't get the hearse thru the throngs of people around the church.